Hub by Premier Inn - a new type of urban hotel

Premier Inn — London, UK

HUB by Premier Inn is the new urban hotel where location matters and size doesn’t, be seen in all the right places, stay at the heart of the action for less with cleverly crafted rooms and the latest tech to keep you connected.

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HUB is a hotel chain by Premier Inn, with the first located in London’s theatre district – Covent Garden. Looking to enhance the guests’ stay, Premier Inn required a suite of digital solutions which would strengthen the customer experience and reinforce their contemporary brand.


Between completing this first HUB site in September 2014 and the present day, we have supplied a run of Premier Inn HUB installations, delivering a refined technology bundle of Feature Walls, Information Tablets and Lift screens across many sites.

The HUB brand prides itself on providing cutting-edge technology to enhance the customer experience, for the duration of their stay. The award-winning digital solution – which we tailor to every site – has and continues to be something we are proud to supply.


When guests arrive at reception they can check-in at tablet based kiosks or via the HUB app. Once checked-in, guests are greeted by a welcome wall. The video banners we have installed provides travel updates and a live news feed. Built into the glass of this wall is an interactive touchscreen, providing local information, interactive maps and hotel particulars, restaurant recommendations and ‘What’s On’ theatre guides.

Relaxing in the lounge area with a drink, guests have access to wall-mounted interactive tablets hosting a selection of popular apps. These tablets use a custom branded application, developed by Trison UK, to allow HUB by Premier Inn complete control of the tablets. Users can only access approved apps.

Then taking a lift ride to their room, guests are presented with hotel information such as breakfast times, check-out procedures and other reminders ‘digitally floating’ in the lift mirror screen. The effect is subtle and innovative, reflecting the HUB by Premier Inn approach at this exciting new hotel destination.

Bouncepads (Lounge area)

The Samsung Galaxy Tabs are floor-mounted in the HUB Lounge Area and have a selection of apps for guests to use, supported by the local WiFi connection.

Mounted on flexible BouncePad poles, the tablets can be used in portrait or landscape orientation, and use Surelock settings so that only Whitbread-approved apps and internet pages can be accessed.

Feature wall / reception area

The Feature Wall in the HUB Reception Area consists of a 4x 46” LCD Video Banner (which displays news feeds, the latest Underground travel updates, and hotel-specific information), and a 32” Commercial Portrait touchscreen (includes location information, a selection of apps and interactive maps).

Lift screen and media player

The 43” Lift Screen is located behind a pane of mirror glass in the lift, and powered by a Media Player also housed behind the mirrored glass. When displaying content, text and animation is visible within the mirror (lending it a floating effect). When not displaying content the screen is not visible, providing the illusion of a standard mirror.

The content is hotel-specific, displaying check out/in information, breakfast and meal times and other guest notices.

Key Points

  • 11 in London
  • 3 in Edinburgh