CUPRA City Garage

Cupra — Paris, France

CUPRA, the new Spanish car brand, uses its dealerships as a method of communication: it not only sells vehicles, but also offers memorable experiences for its clients and their lifestyle, aligned with its innovative concept.

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At TRISON we have had the pleasure of participating in the development of an iconic space such as the Cupra City Garage in Paris, in which we have integrated and installed audiovisual elements that seek to generate exclusive emotional experiences to live the Cupra brand with all the senses.

In the exhibition area there are digital elements to make the customer journey as memorable as possible. Thanks to a shop window LED screen we communicate to the outside public. Once inside, two large format screens give continuity to the communication of the brand in the most appealing way for the customer, as well as the celebration of events and the creation of a memorable moment when the vehicle is delivered. In addition, the monitors inside the space allow a multipurpose use both to communicate images of the brand, as well as to support the sale accompanied with wireless projection system.

In this dealership they also have totems so that, in an interactive way, the customer who walks around autonomously can see all the information they need about the models on display and then, thanks to a QR, take the desired configuration on their mobile phone.

The Cupra City Garages (Seville, Valencia, Lisbon, Paris, Sydney) have various areas that make the customer experience totally immersive, and thanks to the audiovisual systems implemented by TRISON, they are prepared for any type of event.