AENA audiovisual integration

AENA — Spain

TRISON has carried out two audiovisual integration designs at the two largest airports in Spain (Madrid - Barajas, Barcelona - El Prat) together with AENA.

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Madrid – Barajas Airport

The project focuses on two areas: the walkways and the arrivals area; some of the areas with the most traffic and interaction within the space.

In the case of the walkways area, four screens have been designed, located in the areas with the highest traffic in the airport, as they are the walkways that give access to the boarding area of terminal T4.

The screens are located on the sides of two walkways, with a distance of 16,000 mm each, and a height of 2900 mm, generating an immersive environment. As this walkway has a glazed floor, TRISON has designed a structure with anchoring only at the ends.
These screens have a pixel 4 and reproduce content with a resolution higher than 4K (3888 x 2952 pixels), synchronised between the two screens.

In the case of the arrivals area, two screens have been designed in the busiest areas of the airport, as they are located in the departure hall of the baggage reclaim area of terminal T4. Each screen measures 16,128 x 3,168 mm, and they are installed 2 metres apart, covering an area of more than 100 square metres of digitalisation.

These screens are located at a height of 4 metres, anchored on a structural platform. Due to the fact that there is a glass corridor behind them, they had to be fitted with a fireproof structure, H120.

The pixelation of the project is P4, and they reproduce content with resolutions higher than 4K (4032 x 3168 pixels), synchronised between both screens, and can broadcast independent, duplicated or continuous content, according to the client's wishes.

Barcelona – El Prat Airport

The project consists of two screens located in the busiest areas of the airport, as they are located in the Sky area, the shopping and restaurant area.

The project consists of two 3500 mm base and 7000 mm high cubes, fixed to the structural pillars of the airport, with a dedicated free-standing structure.
Each cube has a P4 pixel and HD resolution. The content is synchronised between the two screens, with wrap-around creative and continuity between them.

In addition, TRISON solutions, from totems to LCD and LED screens, are found throughout the travellers' journey, making their stay in the space much more comfortable and enjoyable.