Lefties — Barcelona, Spain

Lefties is one of the main accessible fashion companies at a national and international level. It is part of the Inditex Group, one of the largest distribution groups in the world.

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The chain's new shops feature the E-White Concept Store, open-plan spaces designed with natural materials combined with audiovisual technology. Each section of the shop has its own design, making it easy to recognise each area at the time of purchase.

TRISON is responsible for the audio-visual integration of this new shop concept, which once again, marks the future in the retail sector with solutions such as self-checkout, queue management, online shopping collection point and a water fountain that counts the litres consumed by customers.

At TRISON we are very grateful to participate in the development of Lefties shops with the integration, installation and maintenance of audiovisual elements, such as large format and anamorphic LED screens, signage solutions (LED hoops and projections), holographic fans... In addition to the production and management of content.