Inditex's largest shop in the world

Zara — Madrid, Spain

Inditex inaugurated the largest ZARA shop in the Plaza de España in Madrid, with 7,700 square metres of floor space distributed over four floors, which is also one of the most innovative and technological of the group

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At TRISON we are extremely grateful to Goa Invest, Inditex and ZARA for allowing us to participate as an audiovisual integrator in the execution of this new shop concept that, once again, continues to lead the way for the future in the retail sector.

This shop is the perfect example of the combination of the online and offline experience. There are PAY&GO areas that make shopping easier for the customer, fitting rooms with audiovisual technology that allows for dynamic shift management, online shopping collection points, a virtual make-up fitting room in the Beauty area and even a cafeteria where you can have a "Madrilenian" breakfast.

We can also find specific areas in the form of showrooms where you can find specific products: lingerie, sports, beauty... The aim is to create a comfortable and orderly area for the customer thanks to the reduced amount of product and audiovisual systems that allow us to obtain a much more memorable experience.

All this is accompanied by a professional multi-zone acoustic system and a custom-made system that simulates a vumeter thanks to LED banners.