TRISON digitalises LCL in France

LCL — France

LCL is a local bank with 1,650 branches throughout France and in the French West Indies and Guyana. It currently has 17,000 employees serving 6,000,000 individual customers, including 204,000 private banking customers, 342,000 professional customers and 29,500 corporate and institutional customers.

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At TRISON, we offer proposals that stand out from the norm to transform bank branches into more technological, more agile and more efficient spaces by creating a new communication channel that conveys brand values with integrity.

TRISON France is LCL's strategic partner, equipping more than 1,000 of the group's branches with audiovisual systems: from the branch entrance with screens that capture the attention of passers-by to the entrance, waiting rooms and even private rooms.

The entire customer experience and interactions with the branch have been conceptualized by TRISON. We also manage and adapt all the content that is played on these screens on a daily basis.