Carefully integrate solutions to elevate the personal touch

Curzon Cinema — United Kingdom

Curzon Cinemas has an estate of unique venues with a rich and personal history. Working with them over the years we have developed and provided a variety carefully customised solutions for each venue.

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Customised solutions

Starting in 2014 with the new Victoria cinema, Beaver and Curzon have worked closely together to carefully integrate display and audio solutions in the foyers, bars and throughout the cinemas.

High-bright window displays engage with customers outside the cinema, while bar displays and messaging at the concierge counters welcomes them inside. With this, several cinemas feature a background music system, which is controlled at the venue by staff. In some locations, the cinemas also host live music events and use the same music system to manage the music throughout the building.

Digital as part of the experience

In Oxford a large LED display faces the Westgate shopping centre promoting the films; and in Aldgate, London a high-bright video wall floats in the window as a digital readograph.

At Canterbury, we refitted an antique television with a new digital display. This fits perfectly with the comfortable environment of the bar lobby, with the benefits of being managed as part of the estate and with a high quality image.

Projectors are also used, to create ambience and sometimes to play films or clips, in the lobbies. The key is to ingrate the digital messaging, displays and audio into the building - which is always unique - so that they are part of the experience.

Key Points


Unique solutions for UK-wide estate, specialising in art house films


Centrally managed by the Curzon team, delivering new content every week


Audio solutions, DJ Desks, LED displays, projection and more