As Cancelas

As Cancelas — A Coruña, Spain

The As Cancelas shopping centre has been renewed with technology and digital art by TRISON Necsum to offer its visitors new experiences. The latest digital and interactive advances are designed for users to enjoy new sensations during their visit, so that the experience of entering the shopping centre becomes an interactive experience.

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The façade of the centre integrates a semi-transparent LED screen in the balcony area and a panoramic lift with an impressive LED cladding on the entire vertical structure of the elevator. A large canvas on which the different digital art contents show different animations and effects to achieve a changing atmosphere in this square.

Digital art is a major part of the customer experience, bringing the corridors of the shopping centre to life, making the customers' visit enjoyable and fun.

In addition, visitors will be able to play immersive games in different worlds thanks to augmented reality technology, and any user will be able to take a photograph to become part of the interactive life of the shopping centre itself.

The final surprise consists of different shows that entertain visitors every day at nightfall. The amusing map stories are told with a stunning surround sound system that takes viewers on journeys to fantastic worlds without ever leaving the mall.