The first anti-shopping centre in Spain

X Madrid — Madrid, Spain

TRISON, working alongside TRISON Necsum, has participated in the digitalization of MERLIN Properties' groundbreaking new shopping centre “X Madrid”, located in Alcorcón, Madrid.

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X Madrid was described by MERLIN Properties as a “revolutionary retail concept barely known in Europe that is designed to meet the demands of the new generations of consumers. It's a place to rethink the shopping and entertainment experience. More technological, more urban, more ecological, more extreme, more authentic. Fashion, sports, street art, culture and all indoor and outdoor leisure that you can imagine, all in 47,424m2.”

Conceptualization and specialized content with the latest LED technology

As it is a new kind of shopping center, the content that needed to be created and the lighting had to go in line with the concept. For this purpose, the TRISON Necsum studio has designed lighting and interactive games that are displayed throughout the whole shopping center. All of this is supported by our dynamic LED technology and LED screens.