TRISON digitises Ecoalf stores

Ecoalf — Berlin, Germany

Ecoalf, the sustainable fashion brand that makes clothes from the plastic bottles we throw away, has chosen TRISON to provide visual technology for all its points of sale. The challenge the brand set us was to integrate this technology in such a subtle way that, instead of standing out in the space, it would accompany its brand philosophy at all times.

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Adapting technology to the brand concept

At TRISON we were very clear that this was a different retail project, in which technology could in no way break with the image and concept of Ecoalf. We decided, therefore, that the hardware should not be intrusive and that embedding it in the furniture was the best solution, leaving the visual content to be the main link between the technology and the brand philosophy.

For Ecoalf it was vital to show all the work behind each product so that its customers could visualise the creation process of the garments and accessories they were buying.
Thus, and in a context of international expansion of the brand, the collaboration between TRISON and Ecoalf arises for what would be its first flagship abroad, specifically in Berlin.

TRISON integrates in this flagship store several rotating totems in the shop window, a large LED screen and another one embedded in a column that acts as a bottle rack.

New Showroom in Madrid

The firm has chosen Madrid, its home city, to locate its showroom. In the centrally located Calle Hortaleza we find an open-plan, designer space, with sustainable and highly technological fashion. At the end of the shop, a large skylight and a curved LED screen of large dimensions and high brightness help to create a different atmosphere, where one can imagine how the clothes float on the seabed. Fish, seaweed, the sound of the sea and sustainable clothing in a city without a sea and with a lot of pollution.