WOW Concept

WOW Concept — Madrid, Spain

WOW concept is a platform for emerging and traditional brands in a unique physical space. It is a pioneering initiative, designed to connect people with brands in a way that has never been seen before.

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It is housed in an impressive eight-storey building at Gran Vía 18, Madrid. WOW's mission is simple but powerful: to reinvent the future of retail.

Aiming to add value to the customer experience through the use of visual and acoustic technology, TRISON's integration project puts the digital experience at the service of WOW through the conceptualisation, installation and maintenance of the visual and acoustic media, as well as assisting in the integration of different digital content management solutions.

The scope of work of the audiovisual integration project includes the design, planning, installation and integration of the equipment in different areas.

At TRISON we have installed over 100 pieces of equipment across six floors, including LCD monitors, touch screens, LED screens and projectors, allowing for a better in-store customer experience through the digital experience. All of this is accompanied by the highest quality multi-zone acoustics.