Cutting-edge solutions and customer experiences for Porsche

Porsche — Taiwan

We have now digitised dealerships in 24 countries and continue to work on the company's digital transformation, bringing them the most cutting-edge solutions focused on their spaces and customer experience.

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The TRISON Group is working hand in hand with Porsche to digitise all its dealerships in order to offer its customers the best experiences in the automotive sector.

An experiential and memorable solution

Adapting to the needs of the company, we offered a solution in which the conceptualisation of the dealerships would have the main objective of generating memorable experiences thanks to the integration of audiovisual technology. Our basis was that the dealership should become a meeting place, a communication channel between the customer and the brand, a space where conversation is created with the environment by developing micro-events and turning it into a place where a multitude of things happen.

A large LED screen integrated into the wall conveys emotional stories about the product and helps to create a lively content-based atmosphere and DPTs are of great importance in these places.

The automotive challenge

In the case of the configuration/meeting room, the main use is to serve as a relaxing and private space for in-depth configuration and contract negotiations. In addition, a digital display integrated into the wall supports the configuration process. The space is multifunctional, and can also serve as a meeting room or host workshops and small networking events. All areas of the dealership are different but each has an unparalleled audio-visual experience. For example, in the Fitting Lounge customers can customise their dream car in the Ultra High Definition and Virtual Reality Car Configurator.