A powerful audiovisual experience for Pull&Bear's largest store

Pull&Bear — A Coruña, Spain

Pull&Bear, the young fashion brand of the Inditex Group, opens its largest shop in the world in Madrid with a transparent LED screen. This shop is in the same city where it began its journey in 1991. The space, located at number 9 Calle Preciados, presents the brand's new image under the California concept.

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The challenge posed by the client was to give movement and dynamism to the flagship store with LED signage
Innovation, brightness and functionality

Innovation, brightness and functionality

The solution proposed by TRISON is to achieve an unparalleled shopping experience thanks to audiovisual technology and interactivity. Innovation, luminosity and functionality have been the three cornerstones of this project.

The shopping experience begins before entering the shop: a large (19 x 2.5 metres) transparent LED screen wraps around the façade of the building illuminating Calle Preciados and capturing the attention of passers-by with unique visual content in 4K quality. In addition, the transparency of the screen allows light to penetrate inside the shop and helps to reduce the electricity consumption of the largest Pull&Bear shop.

Once inside the shop, the spaces become dynamic thanks to large format LED screens that adapt to the architecture of the building, LED banners hanging from the ceiling, high-resolution stretch LCD monitors and LED screens integrated into columns that achieve a frameless aesthetic effect.
Acoustically, the space offers a surround sound played through speakers customised exclusively to fully integrate with the firm’s new image.

Boosting the omnichannel experience

With a sales space distributed over four floors and close to 1,000 square metres, the new store is fully committed to omnichannel shopping and the integration of online and in-store sales, two areas that are increasingly interconnected as components of a single shopping experience. Therefore, Pull&Bear's largest store has a special section for online orders with self-checkout boxes that include a tutorial on how to use them correctly.
The fitting rooms are also equipped with a presence detection system. Thanks to the green and red light signals, customers can tell whether the fitting room is free or occupied.

Pull&Bear offers its customers stores that stand out in the sector and manage to differentiate themselves from the competition by creating spaces in which the customer interacts with the most cutting-edge technology on the market. Retail stores no longer seek to offer a technological image, but rather to integrate technology into the shopping process.