We install the world's largest interactive screen

SAR — Saudi Arabia

There are railway constructions which, in addition to going down in history for their technical complexity, do so by changing the course of a country and a society. This is the case of the railway network awarded to Saudi Arabia Railway (SAR), created to connect the main towns in Saudi Arabia with the country's capital, Riyadh, the borders with Jordan and the Persian Gulf.

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The challenge

The SAR wanted to commemorate this project by erecting a building that would house the world's largest interactive screen. The curved shape of the building, the light entering the videowall and the interactivity with the user made this project a real challenge.

The solution

A curved, interactive screen measuring 37 metres long and 1.2 metres high. To form this interactive surface, a video wall was installed consisting of 54 55-inch monitors arranged at two heights, covering a large part of the building.

The result

More than 150 hours of work culminated in the installation of the world's largest and most efficient interactive screen with no less than 51,840 pixels. Thanks to it, all passengers visiting Riyadh station can appreciate the magnitude of this macro rail project by interacting with the most cutting-edge technology on the market.

A spectacular interactive screen

The structure that supports it was designed and manufactured in iron in Spain and transported to Riyadh along with the rest of the material, where the huge interactive video wall was installed.

As for the interaction of the giant screen, 14 kinetic points distributed along the entire length of the videowall were responsible for providing the screen with interactivity, thus detecting the presence of people and displaying personalised content as they pass by.
The screen therefore becomes the main attraction of the building with which the SAR wants to publicise its enormous effort in developing this railway network that will go down in history.