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Amare Marbella — Marbella, Spain

The acoustic performance of a venue is something that is becoming more and more important for its users.

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The Amàre Marbella Beach Hotel (4*) is a sophisticated beachfront resort on the Costa del Sol, a destination full of luxury and glamour that offers a 360º experience to its guests with our audiovisual integration.

In TRISON we successfully resolve the challenges that are proposed to us. In this case, the challenge that the client proposed was to create a sound system for the premises through an immersive experience that will not leave any guest or visitor indifferent, offering different atmospheres for every moment of the day and integrating the hardware into the decoration of the hotel.

A solution in keeping with a sophisticated space

TRISON's solution was to create acoustic and visual spaces that perfectly matched the aesthetics of the venue. To this end, our audio-visual solutions are customised as "invisible" loudspeakers that are integrated into the vegetation and fixtures.

In addition, for easy control of the audio throughout the venue, an integrated tablet-based control system is proposed. The hotel's main lounges have their own live music system.
The technological equipment of the Amàre Marbella Beach Hotel consists of audiovisual integrations in all of its different areas, both inside and outside of the hotel.

In the Amàre Lounge space, two 65" screens and ceiling-mounted speakers were installed. In the Belvue rooftop bar, visual projection and ambient sound systems have been installed.
Special mention should be made of the videowall that presides over the Reception area, made up of six 46" LCD monitors that provide movement while promoting the rest of the chain's hotels. This same type of monitor was also installed in the restaurant area together with a recessed sound system.