TRISON digitises the Arenas shopping centre in Barcelona

arenas — Barcelona, Spain

MERLIN Properties, owner of the Arenas shopping centre in Barcelona, has entrusted TRISON to digitally transform the emblematic commercial space and reinforce its strategy of linking itself to the city and to a consumer who is more technologically connected to the world.

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ambitious challenge in a listed building

The challenge was to turn a visit to the shopping centre into a memorable experience thanks to technology. Added to this challenge was the complexity of installing the system in record time in a building with architectural restrictions.

A solution with 180m2 of LED technology

The solution that TRISON proposed to Merlin Properties to turn a visit to the shopping centre into a memorable experience was to integrate the space with visual technology through 7 large format screens located in the most strategic points of the shopping centre.

One of the highlights is a large circular interactive floor screen, the largest in Spain, measuring 64 metres, located in the bullring of the original bullring, which is synchronised with another suspended over the perimeter of the terrace of the moat and occupying a surface area of 62 metres in circumference. Together, they offer visitors an unforgettable experience in which architecture, technology and content take on a new dimension.

The installation has had a high degree of complexity due to the building's listed status restrictions. The project was installed in record time: just 3 weeks of night work to integrate 180 square metres of LED technology.

Incredible and interactive content

To inaugurate this new stage, a series of artistic content was developed under the name MOSAICS. Mosaics, one of the oldest art forms in the world, are reinterpreted in the Arenas shopping centre in Barcelona through a unique audiovisual piece to achieve an immersive experience.

The experience is completed thanks to the interactivity of the floor screen that offers a series of tactile games for visitors to Arenas to have fun with.

The transformation of Arenas is the starting point of a new stage for the shopping centre, in which the more than 10 million visitors that the space welcomes each year will enjoy an immersive experience with 360º effect. A stage adapted to the demands of a more connected consumer, who makes less and less distinction between the offline and online worlds; and who understands technology as a fundamental part of their experience.