Simon. La casa de la luz

SIMON — Madrid, Spain

We are very happy to be part of SIMON's great project "La casa de la Luz". This new and unique space located in the "Oasis" of Madrid is set to become a unique reference in the sector.

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A building of 1,600 square metres distributed over two floors, where visitors have the opportunity to get to know the latest news from Simon, attend conferences, events and training sessions...

At TRISON we have been in charge of digitising the entire space, creating an unforgettable experience. We highlight the demonstration area, where the SIMON mechanisms interact with the contents shown on the screen. The space has several large format P1.8 LED screens. In the auditorium area, events or presentations can be held and broadcast both by streaming to other Simon venues and to other screens within the same space. These screens show corporate content in their normal operation, but can also be converted into an informal presentation area. The entire space is soundproofed with integrated loudspeakers in keeping with the aesthetics of the space. The user has complete control, being able to activate or deactivate the piped music in the desired areas with a simple click from an iPad.

For formal meetings, the space houses a P1.5 LED screen where the most demanding users can share a presentation from a PC wirelessly, or hold a videoconference with other Simon offices. All the technological elements are integrated, as mentioned, with the aesthetics of the space, forming part of it and not being invasive for the visitor.