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FA Group — London, UK

In 2018, Trison UK was selected as the new digital content agency partner for England and The FA at London’s iconic Wembley Stadium connected by EE.

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Digital content agency partner

The Trison UK studio is creating original content for use across a broad range of assets at the National Stadium, including the large external LED screens, the stadium bowl LED screens and all digital screens throughout the stadium complex.

Designing and deploying content for a variety of events spanning across the year, has been the challenge that Trison UK accepted with open arms. Around 10 football events in total, is what makes up the annual calendar. Each event having their own brand style and nuances certainly keeps the creative team at Trison UK poised to deliver 100’s of animated assets for each event.

Creative and technical content solution

The Trison UK creative team can and have delivered exceptional creative work in sometimes, high pressured situations. Undoubtedly, having the technical knowledge to bolster the Trison UK creative output, has been a huge beneficiary to both The FA and Trison UK.

There are a lot of technical things to consider when animating graphics on such large scale displays. The speed of movement, the amount of text and how complex animations appear are all creative considerations that we undertake and understand due our technical knowledge of LED. Our creative and technical teams will often meet to discuss ideas and capabilities before they are presented to the client.

Content production on scale

With over 1200 screens across Wembley stadium and a complex content distribution system, Trison UK can really add value by making the creative fit the technology.

Measuring over 40m wide and 7m high, LES is one of the first things fans will see as they approach Wembley along Olympic Way. Bettered only by the iconic Wembley arch, LES is undoubtedly the place to get big, bold messages displayed. Collaborating with the FA Marketing team, Trison UK treats this beast of an LED with a certain amount of respect and ensures that motion graphic and animation moves gracefully and aligns well with shear size of the screen.

Aligned behind the goals at each end of the in-bowl arena, are 2 huge, slightly curved LED screens. They are very visible by all seating areas and play a big part in conducting and informing fans before, during and after the match. Each screen is over 20m wide and 8m high giving fans incredible, high impact messaging which tends to be around match stats, trivia, goal celebrations and team line-ups.

Trison UK creates and develops motion graphics that are direct, vibrant and impactful for these screens.

Key Points

Key stats

500+ m2 of screens
200+ assets produced per game

Matches covered

England Mens & Lioness teams
Men's & Women's FA Cups
Non-league Finals
Community Shield

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