Audiovisual integration at Inditex Headquarters

Auditorio Inditex — A Coruña

The world's largest textile group, INDITEX, has completed the expansion of its headquarters in A Coruña.

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INDITEX HQ: Technology and Auditorium

80,000 square metres of extra land, equivalent to the surface area of 16 football pitches, to cover the needs of a multinational company in constant growth. The company, parent company of ZARA, Massimo Dutti or Pull&Bear among other firms, has built three modern buildings that house an auditorium with capacity for more than 500 people, press room, meeting rooms, green areas, gym and a space oriented to creativity, created from visual and acoustic technology, ideal for micro events, presentations or innovation workshops. Audiovisual technology is one of the protagonists of this ambitious project: all the LED screens installed are state-of-the-art, the integrated sound is of a quality that is unique in the market and the communications between the different buildings ensure that the spaces are interconnected.


No less than 19 million bulbs will power Europe's largest 1.9 LED screen. Located in the new headquarters auditorium, it features a resolution of 9280 x 2060 pixels and a multi-screen function offering up to 90 simultaneous views. Undoubtedly, an incredible image quality for a unique space. The hall is equipped with a MEYER SOUND system, the leading professional acoustics equipment on the market with more than 40 patents and an unquestionable reputation for advancing the science of sound.

The lighting has been meticulously designed to create different atmospheres adapted to each event and each moment. In addition, the entire system is synchronised with the audio and video to achieve an immersive lighting experience. The control room allows the audiovisual signals from all the rooms in the building to be connected simultaneously with the outside. What happens in the auditorium can be reproduced live or in streaming in up to 8 languages, overlapping and interconnecting with the rest of the rooms.

Press Room

Located in the same building as the auditorium, the press room occupies an area of over 150 m2, has 84 integrated seats with multi-connections and, as in the auditorium, also features a Meyer Sound acoustics system and a 22m2 high-definition LED 1.9 screen. The hall is equipped with a Meyer Sound system, the most important professional acoustics equipment on the market with more than 40 patents and an unquestionable reputation in the advancement of sound science. The hall can remain in uninterrupted connection with the auditorium and the rest of the spaces.

Consulting Lounge

The consulting lounge is a multimedia space connected to the auditorium. It is used to provide support and information in real time to the events held there. This space shares the same technology as the rest of the rooms in the building, so that the Consulting Lounge can also be used as a meeting room or micro-events room.

Technology Space/Place/HQ

The technology area occupies one of the 3 new buildings of the extension. 15k square metres, or the equivalent of 12 Olympic swimming pools, house all the technological, innovation and systems talent of the textile giant. The building has been conceived as a workspace, where technology permeates the entire space. From the reception, the meeting rooms and even the car park, equipped with a state-of-the-art evacuation system, which enhances the security of the entire complex.

Digital spaces to facilitate day-to-day work: high-resolution monitors, acoustic and videoconferencing systems and even home automation control.

The building also has a fully immersive, creativity-oriented space where video mapping is performed on a curved wall thanks to the careful installation of 8 projectors and a projection on a touchscreen glass screen. The lighting and audio system are synchronised with the image to create an immersive and unique experience.


Technology is making people's lives easier and more comfortable, as can be seen in INDITEX's new facilities.

Thanks to technological advances we gain time, the most precious asset of developed societies: we can work online with people on the other side of the world, enjoy major events and broadcast them live in different languages, connect by streaming with up to 90 places on the planet and see and hear in such definition that we lose track of space. Today, with technology, we live (and work) better.